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WordPress 5.9 has been delayed due to significant blockers that could not be resolved in time for beta 1, which was previously program will be released on November 16. The version 5.9 release team made their decision after much deliberation on the impact a delay will have on users and contributors.

Robert Anderson, Technical Editor of 5.9, released a summary of blockers which were found while testing the full site edit in the kernel this week. They are identified either as blockers for beta 1 or as blockers for 5.9.

“Historically (and even in the linked post), ‘deadlines are not arbitrary‘referred to the possibility of removing features that are not quite ready yet and including them in a future release, ”commented Gary Pendergast of the post announcing that version 5.9 beta 1 was delayed. “Are there particular reasons why this philosophy has been reinterpreted?

Tonya Mork, Core Tech Lead for version 5.9, responded by explaining that FSE will need to be a package.

“The removal of areas that need to be repaired has been ruled out as they are too closely tied to the ESF and would make it unstable,” Mork said. “Pitch corrections were ruled out because they involved providing a ‘half-baked’ experience.

“The choice is between shipping these major features in version 5.9 with a delay or moving these major features to version 6.0 for spring delivery.

“The impacts have been assessed. It was determined that shipping these major features sooner rather than later was more beneficial with less impact.

Others commenting on the post raised concerns about features that may be rushed after seeing the blocker list.

“My first reaction when reading the Overview of open issues and blockers in WP 5.9 -The problem on the Gutenberg repository was “the holy fumes, there are so many open issues and blockers,” said Timi Wahalahti.

“Nonetheless, from the perspective of a developer working in an agency with over 150 client sites to manage, I have concerns similar to those Gary and Addison (in the Gutenberg repository issue) have already shared regarding feature rush. After seeing the blocker list and reading how major new features are still working, I would be very uncomfortable upgrading to version 5.9 after releasing it, knowing that some features were probably finished in a hurry. “

Contributors on GitHub have warned that new feeds for FSE functionality have not been adequately tested and should not ship just days after major changes have arrived.

“I think there are big red flags here that some things are not ready for 5.9”, Gutenberg contributor said Addison Stavlo. “Overall, it looks like we’re rushing things in a dangerous way right now. We have targeted version 5.9 for these items to be released in the kernel, but too much is just not ready, hence the rush to change so much at the last minute. Wouldn’t it be better to miss the expected target date than to rush potentially regrettable decisions and whole new streams into the WP kernel at the last minute? “

The proposed new schedule, which has not yet been officially confirmed, is as follows:

  • November 30 – Beta 1 (in 2 weeks)
  • December 7 – Beta 2
  • December 14 – Beta 3
  • December 21 – Beta 4 (optional)
  • January 4 – RC 1 (5 weeks from beta)
  • January 11 – RC2
  • January 18 – RC 3
  • January 25 – Release date

At the time of publication, the 18 contributors who weighed in on a poll in version 5.9 leads the slack channel are in favor of the proposed new timetable. Other blockers are in the process of being resolved and are expected to continue throughout the weekend, but the delay in beta 1 makes it inevitable to postpone the stable release until January.

The remaining consideration is whether or not FSE will be on track to be included in version 5.9 or whether it will need to be shipped in version 6.0.

“If for some reason progress does not go on track or something unknown / unexpected causes further delays, FSE features and TT2 theme may be downgraded to 6.0,” said Mork at the tavern. The team is working to put safeguards in place to protect the post from further delays.

“FSE is a set of features some of which are interconnected,” said Anne McCarthy, co-lead of WordPress 5.9 testing. “This release includes an interconnected selection including styles, block theme streams, navigation block, and more. In order for them to really shine, it makes more sense for them to be released together, which makes it difficult to simply delay the shipment of one. They need more time to mature in order to ship together. “

The publishing team plans to release an update on Monday with confirmation of the upcoming schedule. McCarthy noted that contributions were lower this year, which contributed to the delay.

“We have to recognize the very human situation we find ourselves in right now, both in terms of more important cultural moments to come with various holidays / celebrations and the reality of still being in the midst of a pandemic,” McCarthy said. . “Retarder provides the sustainability to get this version correct without potentially depleting the remaining contributor base. “


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