WordPress All In One SEO Plugin integrates Microsoft Clarity

The popular WordPress All in One SEO (AIOSEO) SEO plugin now integrates user behavior analysis from Microsoft Clarity. Clarity allows publishers to see how users interact with a website to better optimize a website and diagnose potential issues.

The official announcement listed these benefits:

  • “Understand user intent
  • Optimize your content and website design
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Optimize your user experience (UX)”

Microsoft Clarity

Clarity is a lightweight analytics program that focuses on user behavior.

Main features of Clarity:

  • Heatmaps
    Shows how users interact with your web pages, shows what they click on and how far they scroll on a page
  • Session recordings
    This shows how site visitors navigate and click through the site and when you might lose them. Helps identify pain points that can be fixed to improve user experience.
  • Knowledge
    Reports that show issues with how users interact with the site

Microsoft Clarity can help publishers troubleshoot issues like page abandonment and identify hidden reasons why users are frustrated with a site or aren’t taking a desired action, like signing up for a newsletter.

Clarity integration with AIOSEO

Clarity is integrated into AISEO in a modular way. This means that Clarity is not enabled by default.

The integration makes it easier to use Clarity because a publisher doesn’t have to switch between two websites to activate it. Activation is seamless on the website itself.

Another convenience is having Clarity right on the website admin interface, which some prefer rather than jumping between Clarity and the website being optimized.

Activate Clarity on AIOSEO

Before activating Clarity, you can head to Google Page Speed ​​Insights or any other page speed tool and take three or five page speed measurements to get an average page speed before activating the module.

After enabling Clarity, perform exactly the same number of tests and compare the before and after averages.

This will help you understand if enabling Clarity is impacting your site.

Enabling Clarity is simple, just go to the webmaster tools verification page:

General Settings > Webmaster Tools Verification

From here you can activate the Clarity module and begin the process of setting up a new project.


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