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Earlier this week, the WordPress Biratnagar Facebook group announced a WordCamp scholarship in honor of Ujwal Thapa. The goal is to honor the legacy left by one of the Nepalese leaders both inside and outside the WordPress community.

Thapa died a month ago at the age of 44 from complications from COVID-19. He was a political activist, founder of the Nepalese Bibeksheel Party, which started a peaceful movement against corruption and social injustice. He was the co-founder of WordPress Nepal, a group that now has 8,000 members. He was also a close friend and mentor to many members of the community and helped many others to launch careers in the computer industry.

“After the untimely death of WordPress contributor and co-founder of WordPress Nepal Ujwal Thapa in 2021, due to COVID-19, the WordPress Biratnagar community decided on this scholarship,” the WordPress Biratnagar team wrote. “Ujwal was a dedicated patron of the WordPress community in Nepal, and WordPress Biratnagar decided to pay tribute to his memory in this way. “

The scholarship will cover the following:

  • Travel to Biratnagar from Nepal.
  • Stay at the hotel for the duration of the event.
  • One ticket to WordCamp Biratnagar.
  • Local transportation.
  • Meals outside the official event.

Nepal is still struggling to bring COVID-19 cases under control at the moment. The CDC lists the country as “very high” risk and recommends avoiding travel. There is no date set for a physical conference, and a WordCamp Biratnagar 2021 event is unlikely. The organizing team might not be able to award a scholarship until next year at the earliest.

WordCamp lead organizer Biratnagar Ganga Kafle said they are just waiting for the situation to get back to normal but cannot know when it will happen. Although there is no date for the next WordCamp, they still have regular meetings.

The group is still discussing the details of the scholarship. Currently, they plan to consult with other community groups in Nepal and the global community. Any help in creating and maintaining such a scholarship system would be welcome.

The WordPress Biratnagar team has agreed to some guidelines. Once applications open, applicants must be Nepalese. “We believe empowering community members is a great way to honor its memory and carry on its legacy,” the team wrote in their announcement.

Most of the group leaders agreed to award the scholarship to people meeting the following criteria:

  • People with Disabilities.
  • People from low-income families.
  • Women interested in WordPress.

The group said the selection process will be fully transparent and the scholarship awarded will be at the discretion of the current organizers of WordCamp Biratnagar.

Kafle said the scholarship will also be annual. The team plans to keep this in honor of Thapa and pay tribute to the man who has helped launch many of their careers and involvement with WordPress.


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