WordPress Version 5.8 Tatum: New features and facets



One of the reasons why WordPress is a popular choice for website management is the robust and frequent updates to WordPress. The WordPress version 5.8 Tatum update includes some cool features that will make it easier for users to refine their website design and switch between updates to their web pages and posts. Read on to see what the latest WordPress update has to offer.

New cool features in the WordPress version

New block management system for viewing posts, modifying templates and managing widgets

According to WordPress patch release notes, “WordPress [version] 5.8 introduces a new block-based widget editor in the Widgets screen (Appearance> Widgets) and the Customizer (Appearance> Customize> Widgets). The new editor allows users to add blocks to their widget areas using the familiar Block Editor interface introduced in WordPress 5.0.

This new block widget interface helps:

  • Message display. The updated block interface allows users to view multiple posts based on certain filter specifications. New template suggestion technology also allows users to create a cohesive design for their post lists based on the design choices you’ve implemented on the rest of your website.
  • Managing widgets. This latest version of WordPress also includes a Block Widget Customizer tool. The Customizer allows users to add and remove blocks through the widget and live preview tool.
  • Modification of publication templates. The Block Editor feature allows users to switch between editing your website articles and your web pages. In addition, depending on the compatibility of your site’s theme, this new version of WordPress contains over 20 new blocks that you can integrate into your website.

Three other updates included in the WordPress 5.8 Tatum update include:

1. Presentation of the page structure

Some pages on your website are probably pretty straightforward when it comes to content (think your contact page or newsletter subscription page). However, when building your web page becomes more complicated with multiple layers to manage, it can be difficult to discern which layers you need to change. This latest version of WordPress provides a List view of each page and publish to your site, so you can easily navigate between all the content blocks and nested layers on each web page.

The Tatum WordPress version update includes a list view, allowing users to easily navigate between content blocks and nested layers on each web page.
Once you find the block or layer you want to edit, this new WP update lets you toggle list view on and off as needed.

2. New style and duotone options for images

Duotone has quickly become one of the most popular pops of color you can add to your images or videos. Tatum WordPress version 5.8 makes this color filter popular for your website. Rather than using a black and white filter to play with light and shadows, you can choose which colors to use to accentuate light and shadows.

The image depicts a fish graphic using the aqua and magenta colorized duotone, a new option available as part of the latest version of WordPress.

3. Model transformation suggestions for content blocks

One of the most interesting updates to this new version of WordPress is the Pattern Transformation tool. This new tool will suggest new blocks to embed in your webpage based on the blocks you are currently working with. Then, as you create content on your site, the tool will offer you other block templates to help you refine the style of your webpage and site while still working in the editing tool. This latest WordPress advance will allow you to be an all-in-one content creator and web designer!

One of the most interesting updates to this new version of WordPress is the Pattern Transformation tool.

Latest WordPress Support Updates: What Has Been Added and Removed

Here is what was added:

  • Even more block supports. WordPress version 5.8 offers extended block support, a feature initially introduced in WP 5.6 and 5.7 updates. This additional support infrastructure includes new customization options for your saved blocks as well as support metrics.
  • Support for WebP images. The latest WordPress update supports WebP image files. WebP, according to WordPress, is “a modern image format that provides lossless and lossy compression for images on the web”. Compared to JPEG and PNG image files, WebP files are about 30% smaller, which can help increase your website loading speed.

Here is what was deleted:

  • Support for Internet Explorer 11. The latest version of WordPress does not support Internet Explorer 11. If you try to update your site through the IE11 browser, you may experience problems managing your site. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by switching to a different browser, such as Chrome.

Need help navigating the latest WordPress version?

The 5.8 Tatum WordPress version may have some new and interesting features, but we have over ten years of experience in WordPress website support and management. We can help you implement theme and design changes based on each new version of WordPress, update your WordPress website and plugins, configure WordPress hosting and backups, and incorporate new features into your WordPress site. Contact us today for help with your WordPress website.

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